quinta-feira, 6 de setembro de 2012

Mobile Cavaquinho PEDIDO

  Mobile Cavaquinho - The best simulator of Cavaquinho for Android!
Mobile Cavaquinho is a very powerful simulator of Cavaquinho for Android phones.
Take a look at some of its main features:
- Real high quality cavaquinho sound
- Access to the 19 frets on the cavaquinho neck
- Multi-Touch - you can play several notes at same time
- Simulates the behavior of a real cavaquinho
- Bend and Slide effects
- Two operation modes: Scales and Chords
- Scales assistant - shows all the notes for the selected scale, on the cavaquinho neck
- Chord assistant - shows all the notes for the selected chord, on the cavaquinho neck
Note: This App requires at least an Armv7 processor. So, it may not work on phones with processors older than that, or with different architeture, like some HTC phones.

1- Baixe o APK
2- Mova para seu celular
3- Instale o APK
4- Inicie 
5- Seja Feliz ! 

Imagens do Game:

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    infelizmente esse link não deu certo

  2. Vamos Corrigir o mais rapido possivel.

    Equipe X-Androoid


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